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The Future of ecoENERGY

With the defeat of the federal budget, the Conservative Government’s immediate plans to resurrect the ecoENERGY Retrofit Program were put on hold as well, but, if election promises are to be believed, there will be some type of energy retrofit program no matter what party wins.  The Conservatives are promising to revive the ecoENERGY program that would give homeowners up to $5,000 in grants, but only for one year.  The Liberals are promising a program that would extend to 2017, and would pay 15% of the actual cost of energy efficient home renovations up to a total of $13,500.  The N.D.P. indicated they will have a similar program, but did not announce any details.   It is anticipated that each plan would include energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, although, the final details are not available.   M4X24469SXHH