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Electricity Prices are Changing

Why?  According to The Government of Ontario, they are currently building the infrastructure we require by upgrading old transmission lines and power plants.  The Government confirms Ontario has shut down 8 coal units so far and plans are in place  to shut down all remaining units by 2014, to reduce air  pollution and by moving to cleaner sources of electricity.    How much will we pay?  The Government of Ontario says that over the next 20 years, including taxes and other charges, electricity bills are projected to rise about 3.5 per cent per year.  They add however, that largely because of investments being made in the short term to bring on new energy supply and upgrade electricity infrastructure, electricity bills are expected to increase by about 7.9 per cent per year over the next five years.    How can we manage costs?  Although electricity prices are rising, you may be eligible for credits and benefits that can help manage costs, such as the new Ontario Clean Energy Be

saveONenergy Campaign

On Feb. 25th, 2011, the OPA and the local electricity distribution companies (LDC’s) launched an extensive province wide multimedia awareness campaign, explaining how consumers & businesses can save energy and better manage their electricity costs.  The 4-week campaign features a comprehensive mix of TV, radio, online & outdoor components.  The main campaign message is “saveONenergy”.  The new “saveONenergy” tagline captures the essence of these province wide conservation programs including the  HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE , and will become increasingly familiar over the coming months and years. This targeted message will be combined with the “Cleaner Ontario” mark,  which will be featured on all conservation messages delivered together with LDC’s as a symbol of consistency and unity of conservation efforts throughout the province. The campaign conveys that it  is now easier than ever for all Ontarians to participate in conservation through the saveONenergy programs, which


Results   The 2010 COOL SAVINGS REBATE Program (CSRP) has now reached 100% of the overall target!    Rebate  Target  Actual  % to Target :  Programmable Thermostats  42,525 39,809 94%  ECM  56,700 59,134 104%  CAC  34,020 34,364 101%  Total 133,245 133,307 100%  The number of “Pending” claims was significantly reduced during the final weeks of the program.  In early Jan.  2011, there were still over 12,000 “Pending” claims yet to  be  received.    As  of  the  last week of submissions, that  number drastically dropped to just fewer than 5,000.  We can attribute the large number of “Pending” claims being received within the last month, to a combination of the response to the reminder letters that were mailed out to the homeowners, as well as the Feb. 1, 2011 deadline for receipt of the 2010 Cool Saving Rebate Program claims.    Source :