Mar 16, 2011


The 2010 COOL SAVINGS REBATE Program (CSRP) has now reached 100% of the overall target!   
Rebate  Target  Actual  % to Target : 
Programmable Thermostats  42,525 39,809 94% 
ECM  56,700 59,134 104% 
CAC  34,020 34,364 101% 
Total 133,245 133,307 100% 
The number of “Pending” claims was significantly reduced during the final weeks of the program.  In early Jan. 2011, there were still over 12,000 “Pending” claims yet to  be  received.    As  of  the  last week of submissions, that  number drastically dropped to just fewer than 5,000.  We can attribute the large number of “Pending” claims being received within the last month, to a combination of the response to the reminder letters that were mailed out to the homeowners, as well as the Feb. 1, 2011 deadline for receipt of the 2010 Cool Saving Rebate Program claims.  

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