Mar 17, 2011

saveONenergy Campaign

On Feb. 25th, 2011, the OPA and the local electricity distribution companies (LDC’s) launched an extensive
province wide multimedia awareness campaign, explaining how consumers & businesses can save energy and better manage their electricity costs.  The 4-week campaign features a comprehensive mix of TV, radio, online & outdoor components.  The main campaign message is “saveONenergy”.  The new “saveONenergy” tagline captures the essence of these province wide conservation programs including the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE, and will become increasingly familiar over the coming months and years. This targeted message will be combined with the “Cleaner Ontario” mark,  which will be featured on all conservation messages delivered together with LDC’s as a symbol of consistency and unity of conservation efforts throughout the province. The campaign conveys that it  is now easier than ever for all Ontarians to participate in conservation through the saveONenergy programs, which offer a range of conservation tools and incentives.  Full details about the programs and related savings can be found at

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