Oct 12, 2014

Four Steps to CO Safety

To keep  your home  safe from CO hazards, follow these four steps:

1. Be aware of the hazard. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless and poisonous gas produced by common household appliances such as your furnace, fireplace, gas stove, propane heater, kerosene lantern or any other fuel-burning equipment.

2. Eliminate CO at the source. Get your home’s fuel-burning appliances and equipment inspected by a certified technician who works for a TSSA- registered heating contractor. To ensure a technician is registered, visit the Find a Contractor section of COSafety.ca

3. Install certified CO alarms. They will warn you of rising  CO levels, giving
you time to take potentially life-saving action. For proper installation locations, follow manufacturer’s instructions or ask your local fire department.

4. Know the symptoms of CO poisoning. They are similar to the flu – nausea, headache, burning eyes, confusion and drowsiness – except there is no fever. If they appear, immediately get everyone, including pets, outside to fresh air and call 911 and/or your local fire department.

Source : TSSA Autumn Watch