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Why Your Central Humidifier Might NOT be Working?

Central whole home humidifiers are an essential part of central heating and cooling systems in North America. Central heating systems make the indoor air very dry especially during cold winter months when temperatures plunge to minus double digits. All central humidifiers need fresh water to operate. Large By-Pass Central Humidifiers like Lennox HCWB-17 Humidifier or Aprilaire 600 Humidifier and Power Humidifiers like Lennox HCWP3-18 Humidifier have water pads which MUST be replaced annually. Some homeowners mistakenly wash their old humidifier water pads with CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) or Vinegar in order to re-use the old water pad. However, washing your existing water pad will remove all of the water absorbing material on the it, preventing the humidifier from working properly. This could also cause some serious health effects by bacterial growth, and could cause damage to your heating and cooling equipment.  
Steam Humidifiers have Canisters or Cylinders which must be replaced annually as well. Aprilaire 800,for example has a water cylinder instead of a water pad.
If you notice your indoor air is extremely dry although the humidistat is turned to 45% RH, there is definitely something wrong. Either your humidifier needs a water pad replacement, or there is no water running through the system due to mechanical problems. 
We have made a user-friendly guide to help you choose a central humidifier for your home. Click Here for more info.

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